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Our Proudest Moments

Waking up to iTunes Purifying Mac OS X Completely uninstalling apps ... just to name a few!

What You Want

A full spectrum of apps to give you more time to enjoy living life instead of spending time tinkering around on the computer. From home inventory and time management to data storage and system tools.

Check out our products listing for free trial downloads!

Green Computing

We operate entirely online, with virtually zero carbon footprint!

With the exception of our core staff, our entire team operates from the comfort of their homes, commuting only once weekly for a debriefing! All receipts, logs, and products are digital in nature and require no more than brain power to produce and ship.

Competitively Designed

We thoroughly research our competition and take the best products and the best prices and make them better! Our highly innovative team excels at making apps that simply "work" the way people think.

We evolve with the industry and listen carefully to every user request. So, please, write in!

About Us

Meeting for the first time at iWorld 2013, our team of long-term industry experts began dreaming of better solutions.

Two months of conceptualization.
Nine months of design and development.
Two months of hiring and training.
One month of fine-tuning and polishing.
Now, Kallaxa goes live!

  • Two months of conceptualization

    Dreaming of the scope of our business, and planning on how to "think different" than the rest of the industry.

  • Nine months of design and development

    Two programmers, one graphic designer, a team of advisors, and hundreds of caffeine-driven late nights. Our vision takes form.

  • Two months of hiring and training

    Hand-picked local customer service and computer experts are hired to learn and thoroughly test our web site and software.

  • One month of fine-tuning and polishing

    The finishing touches are put on our web site, software titles, and company policies and we go live one week early!


Joshua Alexander

Catapulted early into the digital era, he has training in both art and design history as well as his Masters of Business Administration.

Joshua AlexanderCEO
Nicole Kinakin

Passion is in everything she does. Over fifteen years of experience working with other design and customer service teams, Nicole ensures our partners and customers have the best experience possible.

Nicole KinakinHuman Interaction
Steven Graham

The man in charge in making sure we deliver products you love!

Steven GrahamLead Programmer
Michael Simpson

Originally specializing in interior design, and now with over 15 years of design experience on the Macintosh, Michael Simpson brings our apps from the design cave to the desktop!

Michael SimpsonLead Designer